About Me

I received my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from East Carolina University. Since that time, I have worked primarily in the hospital and skilled nursing settings. An injury several years ago began my journey learning about the patient side of rehab.

I was quickly frustrated and disheartened to find that even as a medical professional I was not being listened to when I described what was going on in my own body. My treatment was prescribed and limited by insurance companies and medical professionals that spent very little time actually getting to know me or my goals.

In the search for treatment that I knew would be effective for me, I found Myofascial Release. After taking just an introductory weekend course, I noticed significant changes in my mobility and decreased pain. This treatment method is life changing!

After my injury I was sidelined from work and unable to even walk around the block due to pain and loss of motion. After treatment and education at Myofascial Release seminars, I was able to work again and resume my exercise activities. I want to be able to use Myofascial Release to help you meet your goals!

What my patients are saying

“I had brain surgery 3 years ago and have been suffering major side effects with inflammation of lymph nodes as well as the formation of scar tissue. After just one session with Molly I literally felt years of relief! Her knowledge, her skill, her compassion are true gifts that are very rare to find. I honestly cried for joy to find someone of great wisdom to help me! I highly encourage anyone with chronic inflammation or pain to allow Molly’s healing touch! She will be a gift to you as well!”

Let me help you heal.