Thanks for the outstanding service you provided on September 28, 2019. I had MFR performed on my back earlier this summer and amazingly a routine trip to the chiropractor of every three months has reduced to annual realignment. On Friday night, I had sharp pain in my back which seemed to be a rib out of place or a pulled muscle. Anyway, your practice along with ice has relieved the pain and I feel like mormal again in my back. Thanks for this new technique which has found its way to my back which has in the past routinely caused me issues.

Marie Peedin

I had brain surgery 3 years ago and have been suffering major side effects with inflammation of lymph nodes as well as the formation of scar tissue. Just one session with Molly I literally felt years of relief! Her knowledge, her skill, her gentleness and compassion are true gifts that are very rare to find. I honestly cried for joy to find someone of great wisdom to help me! I highly encourage anyone with chronic inflammation or pain to allow Molly’s healing touch! She will be a gift to you as well!

Rebecca Sullivan